Your LMS for learning in the flow of work

GranuLearn is the easiest and most effective way to train and build high-performing teams in your organization. Create superior learning experiences and foster an environment of continuous growth in no time.

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Create meaningful training opportunities to move your team forward

Contextual, trackable, and goal-oriented

Quickly create well-defined courses that your learners can complete on the go. With our simple-to-track system, curated learning paths, ready-to-use content library, templates, and media-rich tools, delivering exceptional learning experiences is easy.

Deliver an uncomplicated learning experience

Accessible, on-demand, and customizable

Bring your training experience online with an eye-catching UI and gamified learning environment that feels personal, customized to each learner. With cross-platform sync across devices, your learners can learn at any time, from anywhere.

Empower learners to share and flourish

Collaborative, interactive and flexible

Secure asynchronous and synchronous messaging encourages interaction, collaboration, and relationship building. From sharing knowledge to seeking support, your team members have the tools they need to succeed.

Build a safe environment for continuous learning

Tools, systems, and strategies

Our unique training automation platform, e-learning program, and collaboration solutions connect learners to the content they need, when they need it, without any worry about additional software downloads, data privacy, security breaches, or compliance issues. Do more with your existing tools by exploring this "go-to" solution for your learning needs.

Your people are your brand

Give your employees, partners, and customers the tools they need to reach their highest potential. See them learn and grow—becoming the best versions of themselves—and watch the upward trend for your organization.